At twenty years old, Roberta Lewellen had no designs on becoming a mother. Four years earlier, she'd been scouted and was having something of a successful career as a model in her home city of London, but also across the pond in New York. When she started seeing Ethan Allyne, six years her senior, they were both just having fun -- Ethan found her exciting, Roberta appreciated that he was outside her industry and honestly cared little for it. But in February of 1987, just a few months after the two had starting seeing each other, Roberta found herself very much pregnant. Her agent, in no uncertain terms, urged her to quickly take care of it, since there was no guarantee that her career would recover even if her body did. Her family was, on the other hand, strict Catholics at the end of the day, and though she herself wasn't so firm in her convictions that she didn't at least consider listening to her agent, she couldn't bear the thought of facing their disappointment and judgment. For his part, Ethan was a stand-up guy, willing to do what it took to care for his future child. Or, as it turned out, children, as Roberta eventually discovered that she was having twins.

Before she started showing too badly, Ethan and Roberta were married. Since she wanted to be close to her family, and because she came from greater means, they settled in London right away. The twins were born on the 9th of November, fifteen minutes apart, with Zofia as the "older" of the two. Although they had rushed quickly into the seriousness of a relationship, Ethan and Roberta both were determined to provide a good home for their kids and if they didn't love each other, then at least they were fond of each other. Zofia and Dominic did not have a particularly interesting or a unique childhood. Almost a full two years after they were born, a younger brother came along for them to gang up and torment, as older siblings are wont to do. Sure, Zofia loved pop music even as a child, particularly the Spice Girls, but she was sort of bored by her dad's old record collection and though her mother insisted she learn piano, she'd have preferred to go off and play with her friends instead.

Things changed in the Allyne household when Zofia was eleven. Although Ethan and Roberta had never lost their fondness for each other, both agreed that they weren't quite happy in their marriage. They tried and tried, but no matter what -- romantic love wasn't on the table. A month after Zofia's father left to move back to his old life in New York, Roberta discovered that she was once again pregnant. The fourth and final Allyne child, Juno, was born in February of 1999. Zo thought that having another kid would bring her father back for more than just the occasional visit, but he intead stayed right in New York. The combination of her parents' divorce and growing social isolation made Zofia go through what she now deems her 'angry phase'. Zo was still going through her 'angry phase' a few years later when she discovered that punk wasn't dead if you knew where to look for it. Although Zofia started at punk shows, she had a growing appreciation for all music and expanded her horizons to all sort of live shows, parties, and raves. Eventually, she and her brother Dom both became well-known fixtures in the party scene. Perhaps surprisingly, she still managed to apply herself to her studies and passed her A-Levels, but it was apparent that even though she dutifully planned to go to university, her heart wasn't in the academic world by any means, but instead fully devoted to music.

So when Zofia decided to go to school in America because NYU had a great recorded music program, no one was really surprised. At first, Zo only wanted to learn all she could about the business so that she could begin working for an already-established label, and maybe hope to rise within the ranks. In time, her ambition grew and she began to have designs on starting her own, based on the UK's more singles-based model. Her plans were mostly for a vague, distant future, for in the moment she was content to focus on her schooling and friends and making connections and, as always, socializing. Toward the end of her first semester in New York, Zo fell into a volatile and emotionally abusive relationship that lasted over a year and a half. When things ended, Zofia decided to start her label right then, as a means of proving to herself how capable and strong she was. Both she and her brother pooled their resources, borrowed from their family, and established Neon Gold, a boutique label based in the city and their hometown of London, which would release limited vinyl-pressed singles for indie musicians looking for exposure. After two years, shortly after Zofia graduated college, Neon Gold would go on to sign a joint-venture with Columbia Records.

Things were going rather successfully in Zofia's life - professionally and personally. Just before she had graduated, Zo had even married her latest boyfriend. Admittedly, it was an impulsive decision but neither could see reason. While one of those successful ventures held up in the long run, with the label starting to earn her and her brother some money, the marriage fell apart after a year and a half. Zofia was mostly to blame for a number of factors: she was always busy, she tried to cite it as an open enough relationship where she still hooked up with women, and when things went to shit, she treated it liked a failed business venture and put her focus something new. This time, it was the formation of a band with a male friend - Epicene. Zofia would take vocals, and he would play instruments and produce. Their first demo was recorded in 2011. Though Zofia could have easily put it out through Neon Gold, she wanted to see if they could sink or swim by their own merits. So, they anonymously released their first EP, Candy Bar Creep Show (so named after an episode of Rugrats) through tumblr and began touring with one of Neon Gold's own acts, leaving much of the business in her brother's hands. The end of 2012 saw Zofia embarking on a two-year long international tour to support Secondhand Rapture, Epicene's debut album that dropped in May 2013, while her label celebrated turning five years old.

Lately, Zofia has been back in New York -- although Epicene has played some shows, most of their attention has been turned toward recording a sophomore album, which they have been putting the finalized touches on. In the meanwhile, she's also been at work at Neon Gold. Though the future is still uncertain at this point, Zo has never needed guarantees. She's certain that the band can only do better and better and that the label is going to grow, and with that kind of attitude, how could she fail?

studio albums (epicene) 2015 CRIMINALS REMIXES - EP  Criminals (Everything Everything Remix); Criminals (Maize Remix)
HOW DOES IT FEEL - LP  Painted; Criminals; No Guilt In Pleasure; Wrong Victory; Tripolar; How Does It Feel; Tunnels; Leave Me Alone; Reckless; Cruel; Pieces; All The Things Lost
SECONDHAND RAPTURE - LP  Hurricane; Bones; Ash Tree Lane; Fantasy; Dark Doo Wop; Head Is Not My Home; Salty Sweet; Think Of You; Twenty Seven; BTSK; No Trace; This Isn't Control
guest vocals (as zofia allyne) 2014 go away (live)  with weezer
fade  with glass gang
inferno  with sir sly
sell it all  with glass gang
slowdive (cover)  with mr. dream
israel (cover)  with mr. dream
music videos 2016 "bleeding love" by astr   director
2015 "bad blood" by ione james   homeslice
"bassically" by tei shi   director
2014 "hard time" by seinabo sey   director
"comfortable" by the knocks   director
misc. 2015 the f word and me   ... herself
pyer moss fall lookbook   ... model
stella mccartney's one city, one girl   ... nyc model
united colors of benetton f/w   ... model
neon gold records   ... co-founder with dominic allyne
  • Has another home, a flat in Dalston that she shares with Ivan, but is almost never there.

  • Currently has eight tattoos: the opening notes to 'Bones' on her left shoulder blade; I AM I AM I AM on her right ribcage under her breast; 'almighty sound' on her left ribcage; 'valar morghulis' on the inside of her left wrist; 'ecstatic and insatiate' on her right forearm; the lunar phases along the outside of her left thigh; a geometric diamond behind her ear with the initials NG underneath; a star and crescent moon on her right ring finger; and an Aladdin Sane lightning bolt on her right ankle. She used to have her husband's name on her hip but had it removed as of 12/13.

  • Began seeing a therapist for the first time in 2014; diagnosed with cyclothymia, which she has kept hidden.

  • Attended NYU from 2006 - 2010 and graduated with a BFA in recorded music. Minored in sociology.

  • Describes her personal style as power clashing.

  • Until 2012, Zofia used to be much more hands on with most of Neon Gold. That sort of work has taken a backseat now that she's chosen to focus on the band, but she still likes to oversee and have final say in many aspects.

  • Had never (professionally) sung before joining a band, and didn't learn how to sing correctly until late 2012/early 2013. However, Zo is a capable pianist, guitarist, which she taught herself, and is semi-adept at the drums. Would like to learn how to produce music, not so that she can go solo but just so that she's a more well-rounded musician.

  • Considers herself pretty pop culturally savvy with a particular appreciation for science fiction, horror, and general low culture. Has slipped references into her music such as House of Leaves (Ash Tree Lane), Harry Potter (Salty Sweet), Rugrats (Candy Bar Creep Show), and cites Cat's Cradle as an inspiration for Dark Doo Wop.

  • Loves the internet and believes it's generally a useful tool in the industry/in general. Prefers tumblr most of all, but also uses twitter and instagram frequently. Only uses facebook for band purposes.

  • Fluent in Spanish and conversationally fluent in Russian.

  • Adopted two cats in June 2014: Gabbie and Andromeda. Adopted a dog in September 2014: Cosima
  • family
    roberta carter, b. 9 may 1967 (48).
    mother. former model turned fashion journalist, currently the fashion features director at harpers bazaar uk. critical, stubborn, and over-protective. frequently at odds with her oldest daughter.
    ethan allyne, b. 3 dec 1961 (54)
    father. microbrewery owner and part time chemical engineering professor at the city college of new york. conscientious, droll, has a respectable record collection that suggests he was once cool.
    matthew carter, b. 12 jan 1965 (51)
    step-dad. pilot. purposeful, cynical, a little old fashioned. means well but isn't very close with any of the allyne children, acts as a voice of reason in many fights between zo and her mother.
    amelia stone, b. 17 sept 1966 (49).
    step-mom. child psychiatrist. savvy, neurotic, no-nonsense. has attended every epicene show that has played in new york. kept her own surname because she didn't want to change her business cards.
    dominic allyne, b. 9 nov 1987 (28).
    twin. answers to dom. co-founder of neon gold + currently running the business. effusive, practical but eccentric. zo's rock - makes better life choices, except when it comes to tattoos.
    ivan allyne, b. 25 oct 1989 (26).
    younger brother. barrister. deadpan, was once drunkenly talked into getting a she-ra tattoo. born with a demeanor of "i'm getting too old for this shit". said to resemble a young steve buscemi.
    juno allyne, b. 21 feb 1999 (17).
    baby sister. eleventh year student. dramatic, artistic, shrewd, hard-working. social media game is strong. cries very easily. does not think her older siblings are very cool.