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zofia allyne  a secret that nobody but i can ruin --
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My makeup from last nite (close your mouth, asshole).

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This outfit was 100% inspired by @ionejames.

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this is probably the 1 mystery that can't be solved....

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darling, I don't want you to love me / I want you to be terrified.

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i've seen better.

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do yrself a favour and listen to this banger

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i feel like she's trying to ask for something............ ????

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Went for my lil sister's birthday, we both converted.

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This is my lil sister. I say that both as "hello, world, meet Ju" but also like, "this is definitely my sister, look at what she's wearing".

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Allyne gals are space trash. Orbital debris, if you will.

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there's no place like home (x 3).

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2 real 2 tru. I miss our largo days, sandwiches.

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i've never been more aroused, and admit it, neither have you.

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Max is really working his m/v l👀k.

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if u ever wondered what my inner monologue is like, this is it.

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"got my darkness, i'm into myself". happy vday, laydees.

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kewl braid, zo.

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shoe goals. i would wear these EVERYWHERE.

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wish i could be there for the amazing @kerbito's fw show #nyfw #pyermoss

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this is an avg. night for me and @alexmaax

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can't wait to get out there on that tour grind again

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apparently @neongoldrecords is jealous that i'm touring w/ bloc party come this spring.

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I have loved a lot of bands & artists, and I hope that as I grow older, I will still be able to experience music with the same thrill and wonder as I did when I first heard Silent Alarm. It is an actual dream come true!!! to be able to say that Epicene will be touring with Bloc Party during the spring.

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i've never looked so goddamn glamourous in my LIFE. we're in tangier now.

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check out that medina scenery.

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hello, be my friend.

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keva, klila, and kzofia take marrakech.

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check out our live performance of reckless at the fox theater

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I feel like a proud mum who can't shut up about her dumb kid. Look how it's growing.

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