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zofia allyne @allynez
Just your average girl tryin' to break
into the illuminati like everyone else.

Joined March 2010
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 1m okay, i think they're about to board this bitch, thank u for the questions. berlin epicene fans, maybe i'll see you around!

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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 3m 😎

Ginger @vavavamp
@allynez is the 'solemnly swear i'm up to no good' line in salty sweet a hp reference? is 'dark twisted fantasy' in bones a reference to kanye?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 3m the day me, max and zach recorded HOW DOES IT FEEL, lots of jumping and screaming the chorus.

Ashleigh @extraterrestriash
@allynez do you have a fave memmory from recording how does it feel?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 5m a lot of my style is attainableish, ie shop vintage, diy, sites like shopjeen, nasty gal, lazy oaf, but .... be urself!

girl of seventeen @baby_epicene
@allynez do you have any recs for a girl trying to emulate your style on a budget?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 5m vicodin and raspberry sorbet. take some naps. feel better!

Wolfy @alannawolfe
@allynez any tips for wisdom teeth recovery?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 8m absolutely, on our recent tour our friends from @craterbabes counted something like 32 hair flips in just think of you. it's all for you guys.

DG @holaseeya
@allynez do you ever get whiplash from the # of hairflips?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 13m secondhand rapture was done entirely independently + hdif was done without any label oversight, but it's still a worry tho

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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 13m not at all -- we don't chase mainstream success but we don't fear it either, we just worry about having to compromise our vision.

ULTRAVIOLENCE @kaela_divine
@allynez so does that last answer mean u guys worry about 'selling out' or 'going too mainstream'?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 17m the battle between our pop selves and our alt, independent selves, fighting for control of epicene

Lost Girl @spaceman88
@allynez what was the idea behind the criminals vid??
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 19m every song about a real asshole is about a REAL asshole

Sientiya @adoredelanos
@allynez the lyrics of think of you.... talk about someone putting you through shit.did that really happen to you?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 23m guys give me a sec i'm gonna get a snack from vending         2.8K         3.5K        
zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 25m we like 2 view you lot as individuals. also it's hard to think of a nickname for epicene. but if you guys do, we'll embrace it wholeheartedly.

@tripolars @allynez do you and @alexmaax refer to your fans as any special nickname?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 29m i get really starstruck and 💖 meeting everyone. john oliver was cool. @rembert won't introduce me to @neiltyson.

@tripolars @allynez who was the coolest celebrity you've met so far? who do you still want to meet?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 30m hint: wild light? like, perhaps, an ultra violet light? perhaps someone who shouted out at neon gold in a song about being radioactive?

fffuck @chordophone
@allynez who, if anyone, is the lady diamond in the sky you mention in hurricane?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 34m no, it's actually still fun bc it's a fresh experience for the audience. an audience that's feelin the vibez can make anything fun. like playing hurricane is still a delight bc people always react positively

@minesokhansol @allynez is it tiring playing the same songs over and over again or do you still like playing them over and over again?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 37m i did.

mia nygaard @fridakahl
@allynez there are parts of the criminals video where u look like u want to fuck your clone / evil twin
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 41m 1. i was never 'in' any closet, 2. i don't belong to any of you.

April Kilpatrick @shadowsagain
@allynez the wreckoning was terrible but why did it take being outed for u to become visibly bi or queer?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 45m i heard lcd soundsystem might be reuniting for 3 festival shows?

syd @sydsjustsayin
@allynez what are you looking forward to in 2016?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 47m cream on chrome by @ratatatmusic

bb eight @upsidefrown
@allynez what are you listening to this very moment as u do this q&a?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 53m i WAS. i'm glad no one hears the tears.

sunglasses emoji @waffleplant
@allynez don't hear crying, but you do sound really sad.
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 58m all the things lost, for sure. i cried writing it, i cried recording it. someone tell me if you can hear the crying?

sunglasses emoji @waffleplant
@allynez what song was most emotional to write?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 1hr dad's american so i can, idk i feel the bern but i don't trust politicians. don't elect trump.

jena @buffster84
@allynez i dunno if you're eligible to vote in us, but if u were, who would u vote for next year?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ Oct 22 idk if i'm answering this right, like what u had in mind, but BLADE RUNNER

brittany c @itbrittanyb
@allynez if how does it feel was a film, what film would it be?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 1h HBHBHB is a masterpiece and apparently my #1 played album according to @Spotify but Lungs for the nostalgia factor

Tyler McQueen @cruelsavages
@allynez Lungs, Ceremonials, or HBHBHB?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 1h we don't fight much or need a get along shirt but lil spats do happen. he doesn't have patience 4 my hypochondria, 4 example

Gigi @chaneloween
@allynez do you and @alexmaax really get along that well? is it ever hard 2 spend so much time with the same person?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 1hr first of all, luv ur twit-name. secondly, yeah, i mean max and i vibe on the same frequency but sometimes shit happens …

Gigi @chaneloween
@allynez do you and @alexmaax really get along that well? is it ever hard 2 spend so much time with the same person?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 1h hold up, ur not bey. + yes, i play drums, piano, & i guitar on 1 hdif track

beyonslay @bitxhesbtextin
@allynez can you play any instruments that you don't get to for the band?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 2h there are so many but omg my favourite video this year is holychild's money all around. i wish we'd done that.

wendy @somethingbeyond
@allynez do you have a song or video you wish epicene had done?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 2h a better than one than bill ballsack.

Bill Ballsack @bballsack
@allynez what kind of name is epicene?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 2h an unsweetened coffee, on account of the fact that i am both hot and incredibly bitter.

brady shipps @bshipps
@allynez if you were a flavor, what would you be?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 2h mmmhm i eat red gummy bears & dedicate the performance to the spirit of beyonce.

rache @tripolardisorder
@allynez do you have any pre-show rituals?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 2h people love me. they really love me.

ivan allyne @ivallyne
@allynez d'you think most people know how much you're a twat to your brother?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 2h new twitter, who dis?

ivan allyne @ivallyne
@allynez omg is it really zofia allyne? i'm your biggest fan!!!
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 2h don't do this to me.

tank girl @dangerhouse
@allynez would you rather live in a world without pizza or poutine?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 2h !!! right now i like leave me alone a lot, something about it feels great? like not just emotionally but physically too. they're all fun tho.

peter vaughn @okfinemeh
@allynez cheers from the uk! do u have a favourite song to perform live?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 2h unfortunately i didnt know ione then, + she's too big a star to appear in nobody's videos. i have seen her stick glitter to her face tho.

katie alver @speakmeow
@allynez weird ? but is @ionejames an uncredited cameo in the hurricane video? the gynmast looks like her.
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 2h we're never actually done with touring tho, we just take sporadic breaks         612         1.3K        
zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 2h he's the sound designer 4 a modern dance show called precarity positions, i'm visiting

Lizzy Burke @thingsw3lost
@allynez what's max doing in berlin? are you guys still touring?
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 2h OH HI, epicene fans, let's do a q&a while i wait for this flight         3.6K         4.5K        
zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 4h in full travel gremlin mode, heading to lax so i can visit @alexmaax in berlin
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 20h this playlist actually is full of bops good job @Spotify         948         1.8K        
zofia allyne @allynez ∙ 20h based on my music taste, spotify just told me i'm princess leia. i've never been more complimented in my LIFE.
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zofia allyne @allynez ∙ Dec 17 is packing ever not an endless chore?         510         902