OH MY GOD I caught a SECRET Epicene show last night! I've been in Austin for SXSW, not just for Epicene but I definitely knew I couldn't miss them. I had plans to catch their show on Wed., but I was checking twitter yesterday and my aubergine queen tweeted:

TBH I didn't really think that meant anything bc who doesn't feel frisky and Fiona Appleish from time to time? But then a few hours later, I saw her tweet:

Which also meant nothing to me. I figured, THE CRIMINALS might be a new band she was a fan of, but later I saw tweets from her/Max/the band/fans about getting tickets at the door of an unannounced show. Naturally, my roommate and I hauled ass to the bar they were playing at, managed to get tickets and holy shit. When they said they'd be playing new songs, they didn't lie. I wish I'd been able to get more video cause the new stuff sounded amazing, but my battery was about to die and I didn't want to chance it. I did get video of a new song I can only assume is gonna be called "What did you think would happen?" which is such a sassy title, I love it.

I forsee my roommate going crazy from how many times I play it/that chorus, but what did she think would happen?
March 16   17 notes
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