1. i used to think this was a flat cover. why listen to the pale imitation when i could listen to la-bas? but i saw them at tbd fest and changed my mind.

  2. i would listen to fantasy and i used to emphasize the "you" part, so in my head it was "how could you be what i wanted to see?", i thought it was supposed to be really sassy and mean. how could YOU be what i wanted to see? and then i'd imagine zofia and max looking at the offending person like ....

    i realize now that isn't right.

  3. nicita9 Peach princess @zofiaa #mario #peach

  4. As some of you know, my 21st birthday was last week. Originally, we were going to go out or have an actual party for my birthday but then my friends, who knew how much of a fan of Tove Lo and Nymphet I am, got us all tickets to the album release party at Baby's All Right in Williamsburg. Apparently, she also did a show at Webster or something that night but we weren't able to get tix or just didn't realize, everything preceeding the party and admittedly during is kind of a drunken blur. Anyway, it wasn't really a performance so much as a big party with three DJ sets from Nymphet, Great Good Fine OK, and Friendly Greg. GGFO and Friendly Greg were pretty good, they played a lot of good music and we danced our asses off, but for me the real highlight was Nymphet's djing because ... if any of you know Nymphet, you know they fucking love Beyoncé, so of course they played Bey but they also played I'd say about 95% 90s stuff. It was like being back at a sleepover in your childhood and like singing along into your hair brush to Britney except you had a lot stronger drinks than just juice and some guy offered to sell us ectsacy.

    There they are breaking it down to Spice Girls. I managed to get really close to the DJ booth, which was a blessing and a curse because most of the videos I took that night sound terrible. I did get another, of Zofia and Max playing some BSB...

    Also what's kind of weird is that Sloane Sedler was definitely there. I think she definitely knows Zofia -- they both were yelling at each other in each other's accents, at one point, from what I could hear and they were holding hands when they left, but I like to imagine she has a fifth sense where her breasts can always tell when there's a cool show happening somewhere. I got a pic of her like a creep, but it ended up like I was trying to get a pic of the guy behind me and she was just photo bombing him.

    Although Sloane basically lost her shit over Spice Girls, she or some other brit in the crowd kept screaming at the DJ booth "PLAY USHER". Even without Usher, it was a really amazing b-day.

  5. The What's Underneath Project: Nymphet's Zofia Anaya

    "I absolutely used to hate my body. I was hella insecure, from maybe ten years old on? About the time I started becoming cognizant of standards of beauty, although obviously I couldn't really articulate that back then. I definitely think we raise girls in this toxic culture toward femininity, because it's like every message you receive tells you, on every level, that you're weak, that you're inadequate, that you better fucking try to be beautiful, even though you're going to fail."

    "I'm at a place in my life where everything about my aesthetic is for me. I dress this way for myself."


  7. I tweeted Billboard this afternoon and was like "HEY BILLBOARD HOW LONG DOES NEON GOLD HAVE TO BE AROUND AND INFLUENCING THE MUSICSCAPE BEFORE YOU STOP CALLING THEM "RISING"? and the whole thing was basically whatever, I didn't expect them to acknowledge it. But then. BUT THEN.

    I redacted my twitter because I don't want randoms to find it, but omg I am crying, one of my favourite musicians tweeted me.


    For those who are wondering where Charli XCX even came from, Neon Gold co-founders, Dominic and Zofia Anaya-Richter, 26, were integral in establishing her on US soil. Back in 2011, Charli XCX approached the duo to release her EP, through Warner, but was prevented from doing so due to their ties with Sony's Columbia. Still determined to work together, the Anaya-Richters booked Charli for their influential monthly club nights, Popshop, and at their South by Southwest showcase. Similar gigs have propelled other noteworthy pop acts, such as Lexie Lyons, the Rosemonts, and Tove Lo -- whose debut album was recently just released through Neon Gold (all three have also released their debut singles through Neon Gold). Plus, Dominic notes, "Nearly every time Charli and her band come through NYC, they stay with me. You can't spend all that time at Rage Mountain without bonding." In January 2014, Neon Gold signed to Warner's Atlantic Records, enabling the duo to get involved with every aspect of the production of the upcoming Sucker, recruiting producers such as John Hill, designing the album's visuals, even styling Charli for its artwork. Yet, Zofia is quick to downplay their involvement. "You don't tell Charli what to do -- this isn't one of those relationships between a label and their artist where the label calls the shots. It's still very much Charli's artistic vision and it was important to us both to respect that," she notes. "We were just helping her. She's a better artist when she's left to do her own thing." Aside from the upcoming Sucker, on the horizon for Neon Gold: debut EPs from San Francisco's Cathedrals and Brooklyn's Great Good Fine OK, a nationally touring version of Popshop in 2015, and its first venture into publishing.

  9. zofiaa she's helping produce album II.

  10. zanaya ... we absolutely are garbage people, yes.