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Watch EPICENE Kubrickian "Painted" Video

How Does It Feel is out July 17.

On "Painted", the first single from their upcoming sophomore effort How Does It Feel, EPICENE frontwoman Zofia Allyne has begged the question What did you think would happen / When you put me in unnatural space. With the help of director Tabitha Denholm (Jessie J, Siego), they finally answer the question, and it's a gloriously trip into a chlorofyll-induced, technicolor dance mania. The video imagines the duo, Allyne, 27 and Horry Malone, 28, as the subjects of a virtual reality experiment, truly inviting the viewer into the inner workings on their minds as the bedazzled and be-feathered pair twitch, dance, and serve face. The visual inspiration for the video "owes as much to Kubrick as it does the Walon Green documentary The Secret Life of Plants," explains Allyne. "We wanted to combine elements of the natural and organic world with unnatural, synthetic environments. It makes it a little more beautiful and a little more grotesque."

Epicene will release How Does It Feel on July 17th. If "Painted" is any indication of the 12 tracks to come, it will make you feel like dancing till you drop.

Watch EPICENE Kubrickian "Painted" Video